Power-Down and Reboot.

The ReBoot is our 72-hour weekend program. This program runs from Friday until Monday and was created by the founders, husband and wife team, Christopher and Tracie Vlaun. The program was designed for guests to take a moment, ground themselves in the natural wonders as they return to their breath away from all of the artificial sensory distractions of the gym, car, and office.

Similar to our ongoing fitness programs, guests of the Reboot Camp Program will enjoy morning fitness/yoga classes, afternoon stretching, mobility and alignment sessions which include a beach walk, run, or meditation.

The program will consist of four to five hours of core mobility work, resistance training, group beach fitness and yoga sessions, private afternoon massages, a power nap and more. The system will be based on the philosophy of the VLAUN METHOD™. One of the key principles of the Vlaun Method is incorporating outdoor training circuits which utilize a variety of training modalities that dramatically improves joint stability and internal alignment, creating a solid core of symmetry, harmonized motion and inner balance. To ensure maximum results, routines are often performed on the sand, trails, or grass. These natural elements trigger aggressive calorie burn while accelerating weight loss and muscle tone.

Training in an outdoor environment, without the artificial sensory distractions of a gym, is one of the cornerstones of the Vlaun Method philosophy. Natural settings create an ideal opportunity to bring the focus back to the specific mind/body connection of the individual, making them aware of their breath, their heartbeat, their rhythm – and the fitness they were born to have.