The VLM Fitness facility and program design is an exclusive service which VLM offers to its clients, based on our extensive experience in the following areas of focus:

• Facility and program design

• Creating fitness class concepts

• Outdoor programming 

• Training and SOP’s

• Equipment specification and facilitation

• Interior space design

• Sensory and aesthetic developments applied to materials

• Efficient allocation of spaces

• Interior layout development in plan view

• Provide advice in terms of facility design, space distribution and equipment layout

The concept of VLM Wellness Design originates from our philosophy that materials, lights, colors and aromas can be used to trigger positive emotions and sensations. This is why we focus on designing the components that form the fitness and wellness environments. The VLM Wellness Design service enables our clients’ facilities to benefit from design which takes into account the following factors:

Correct dimensioning of spaces

• Flowing space

• Needs of the user

• Ease of management

• Help clients build a distinctive setting and a foundation for lasting success.