Luv You, Luv Me, Luv Yoga.

Luvmeyoga offers multidimensional levels of Yoga to private residents in Miami, Florida. Clients are given an energetic, cleansing, strengthening, and relaxing private yoga lesson tailored precisely for each one’s personal needs. Luvmeyoga was founded by Tracie Wright-Vlaun, Miami’s yoga guru and celebrity trainer, and requires that all Luvmeyoga teachers are certified Yoga instructors and Yoga Alliance Qualified. Luvmeyoga staffs the most nurturing, and empowering yoga instructors in Miami Beach. We follow the mantra “Luv You, Luv Me, Luv Yoga.”

Luvmeyoga was founded under the premise of finding peace and clarity in a chaotic world. Focusing on finding love with one’s body, purpose, and practice plus using love as the overall strength and clarity in one’s life.