Allow the V to stand for “Victory,” as the V team thoroughly designs group workouts which aim to sharpen focus, build endurance, and open you up to new possibilities outside common boundaries.

If you have ever competed in a team sport, you will remember how much emphasis was put on working together as a team. Every position was vital to the success and outcome of each game and season. Success involves trust, respect, and recognition of your team’s talents. Relationships built on teamwork will have proven delivery of winning results.

VLM corrals the energy to always ensure that client, group or corporation is left with an unforgettable adventure. Through impeccable planning, VLM will taylor the corporate wellness and fitness experience. We will work directly with the client to design and implement activities based on the group’s team building objectives.

The beach and/or workout site will be specifically designated for your group. The site will include the necessary shade, water, cold towels, ice buckets, fruit, and post workout refreshments. Facilitation of an event includes the setup and breakdown of the equipment. Top trainers and instructors will be assigned to best accommodate the scale of the experience.


• Yoga (various styles and modalities)

• Beach Fitness (various styles and modalities)

• Power Walk and Running Groups

• Tai Chi

• Pilates

• Body Sculpt Classes

• Race and Challenge Adventure

• Paddleboard and/or Adventure Fitness

• Bridal Retreat Packages

• Wellness Lectures & Classes

• Kids’ Beach Fitcamps


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