The VLAUN METHOD™ Training Philosophy is based on the idea that we are in constant change, we are either progressing or regressing. Below are the fifteen lifestyle/training pillars, which is a guideline to maintain constant progression of health and lifestyle.


1. Synergy: Through human will, establish a primary connection of mind, body and spirit.
2. Environmental: Outdoor environment aids spiritual transcendence and inner/inter connection.
3. Inside Out Functions: Movements that create a synergy of inner power and strength spread through multiple systems.
4. Train all Four Movement Pillars: Locomotion, level change, push-pull, rotate (JC Santana Human Movement Model).
5. Focus on Global Functioning: Focus on the body’s movements, not the individual muscles.
6. Pound for Pound: Achieve an optimal strength and power to weight ratio.
7. Train for Your LIFE: Train with an objective that relates to your life; i.e. specific sport, activities, health, longevity.
8. Train all Energy Systems: Aerobic, Lactic Anaerobic, and Alactic Anaerobic.
9. Positive Progression and Performance Continuum: Intensity, time, performance, ability, and progression.
10. Remove the Unessential: Every day remove what you do not need, i.e. bad habits, diet etc.
11. Energy In – Energy Out: Determine how much energy you will exert, then prepare and eat for that with quality nutrition.
12. Culmination: Train for maximum results.
13. Build Musculature Geared Toward Function (Example – Bruce Lee)
14. Achieve an Overall Life Balance: Love and Romance, Family and Friends, Creativity, Fun, Physical Environment, Personal Growth.
15. Rest: Recovery is a key element in your progression.


– Strength Objective (Relative strength to weight ratio, optimally carry your load)
– Power (Move Mass X Weight)
– Power Endurance (Maximum exertion of moving mass x weight over duration)
– Endurance (Duration)
– Mobility (Establish stability, balance, and coordination through a functional range of motion.)

AEROGA X Challenges (Self Challenge)

We often host a monthly natural fitness challenge that we call the Aeroga X Challenge. The challenge is a cross training workout agenda that consists of running, interval running, and high volume calisthenics  finishing with a blend of yoga and Tai Chi called Conscious Movement.

The challenge is intended to break through the level of instant gratification that our culture is often conditioned to.  In most cases you will need to prepare for the challenge. The aim is to redefine the human will. Success will require preparation, persistence, self awareness, and gratitude. Discovering one’s ability to adapt, rethink, reconstruct, and overcome is part of the process I considered the Art of Wellness.
Aeroga X™ is a vehicle used to understand and appreciate the art, while achieving spiritual transcendence.


“All types of knowledge, ultimately leads to self knowledge.” -Bruce Lee
“Doubt can only be removed by action.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
“It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.” -Vince Lombardi
“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.” -Albert Einstein