Designed by Tracie Wright‐Vlaun, AEROGA® is a pioneering health and fitness practice derived from traditional Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Core Progressions, and Aerobics. AEROGA’s unique sequence is a specific formula which is very rhythmically enhanced, while spiritually enlightening. The workout progression is developed in a way where one series prepares you for the next. AEROGA is designed to liberate and ignite a vital life-force spark for every person, young or old, where they go away with an unforgettable experience in which they only wish to revisit.

The former ELITE super model, who is also a classically trained musician, meticulously choreographs her sequence to her original playlists pairing with her Aerobic Vinyasa Flow, focusing on high-energy, high-intensity, body-sculpting poses. In addition to the many health benefits from a regular yoga and exercise routine, AEROGA has proven to directly affect health and wellness due to the integration of cardiovascular work, meditation and targeted yogic poses which stimulate physiological and neurological processes.

AEROGA’s creator, Tracie Wright-Vlaun, states:  “I believe that AEROGA is not simply a gateway to the body you always wanted and never thought you could have. For me, for my clients, AEROGA is a lifestyle. AEROGA is therapy. AEROGA is healing. AEROGA is about liberation, bringing strength, power, intensity, balance, excitement and passion together in one dynamic session. AEROGA incorporates and stimulates the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person in a practice that finally brings together areas of wellness that have, for the most part, remained separate specialties in the health and fitness worlds.”